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Do you have a plan in place in the event that you are temporarily unable to handle your own financial and health care decisions?

Given the rapid spread of the virus, you should make certain that you have a plan in place in the unfortunate event you contract the virus. And, if you do have a plan, does your existing plan still reflect your current situation and wishes? Perhaps the people you have named as your financial agents or health care agents are no longer able to fulfill the duties that you appointed them to perform . . . or maybe, you would rather have someone else perform those duties now. What about your children? Perhaps they were too young to serve when you made your previous plan, but they are old enough now.

The same might be true for your trust or will. Maybe you recently got married or have new children or grandchildren that you would want to include. It’s always a good idea to periodically review your estate plan and update it to meet your current situation and wishes. If you don’t already have an estate plan in place, there is no time like the present to prepare one.

How can I create an estate plan now, when I’m not supposed to go places where I might come into contact with other people?

Much of the preliminary planning process can be done “long distance” with phone calls, email, FaceTime, Zoom conferencing and so on. When it is time to sign the documents, there are also alternative ways to limit your exposure to other people, to make the process as safe as possible.

We know you may have concerns about staying safe in an office environment. Here at Kane and Koltun, we have implemented procedures to keep you (and us) safe during these trying times. We practice “social distancing.” Although we have conference rooms of varying sizes, we are only utilizing the larger conference rooms, to allow adequate spacing between everyone in the room. Areas that are frequently touched, such as door handles, conference room tables, telephones, and restroom fixtures (countertops, faucets and handles) are disinfected multiple times each day. We encourage our employees to follow CDC recommendations regarding hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes. We encourage our clients to do the same while they are in our office. We also offer cloth masks to cover your face while in the office, if you desire. We take your health just as seriously as our own.

How Can I Get More Information?

If you would like more information about setting up an estate plan, or updating an existing estate plan, please give us a call, send an email, or use the convenient “Request a Consultation” button on our website, https://www.kaneandkoltun.com.